Volunteer Background Checks

The Davis School District is very concerned about the safety of our students and as part of their efforts to ensure the safety of students in all settings, have begun the process of requiring that volunteers complete a background check through the Davis School District if they are working outside the line of sight of a district employee. If you are working inside the classroom, helping at a party, copying and correcting papers, you do not need this background check. Field trip volunteers will need a background check. 


The Davis District administration will subsidize a portion of the background check fee so volunteers will pay $28 for this service. If you are unable to pay the fee, please contact Taya Johnson, Eagle Bay principal, to discuss options for funding. This background check will be valid throughout all of your children’s time in Davis District, so is a one-time only cost and process for you as a volunteer.


Davis District volunteers will need a Davis District background check. Background checks from other institutions (military, airport, etc.) will not meet Davis requirements.  


If you are interested in receiving a background check so you can volunteer as a chaperone for field trips or in other capacities at Eagle Bay, please go to the Human Resources office at the Davis School District.


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