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Library Hours: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

School Library Mission Statement

The mission of Eagle Bay Elementary library is to promote a love of reading in a warm and welcoming environment.  To achieve this mission our library works to educate the whole child through supporting the school's curriculum by collaborating with teachers, administrators, support staff and parents.

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Library Information

Library Information

Policies and Guidelines

Library Visits 

Each class has an assigned time to visit the library each week.  Library books allow for instruction, book recommendation, story sharing and the exchange of books.  To be prepared, for library students should come with their library books or other reading material. 

Open Library 

There is time at the beginning of each school day to allow students, with teacher approval, to exchange books outside of their class’s scheduled time. 

Check Out Limits 

  • Kindergarten: 1 book per visit 

  • 1st Grade: 1 book per visit 

  • 2nd Grade: 2 books per visit 

  • 3rd-6th Grades: 3 books per visit 


Students in 3rd – 6th grade may place up to 5 books on hold at a time.  Students will be taught to access their account online for this procedure.  Books will be checked out to the student and put in the teacher’s box to give to the student.  Books on hold will not be checked out to students with excessive overdue book or any fines. 

Overdue Books 

Books are checked out for 2 weeks.  However, students are encouraged to bring back their books each week and renew them if they have not finished.  They may renew the books an indefinite number of times UNLESS another student has requested that title.  Once the book is delinquent, email notices are sent to the student as well as the parents.  There are no fines for overdue books, however, students with late/missing books will not be allowed to continue to check out until overdue materials are retuned or renewed. 

End of Year Book Return 

All books are to be accounted for by the student’s final visit the second to last week of school.  Any book not returned will be considered lost and a fine will be added to the student’s account. 

Lost or Damaged Books 

Per district policy, payment is required for the loss or damage of a book.  The payment due will be the cost of the book at the time of acquisition, along with a $2.00 processing fee.  THE SCHOOL WILL NOT ACCEPT A COPY OF THE LOST BOOK IN EXCHANGE FOR PAYMENT.  Payments can be made to the office, online, or to the library with a check. 

Selection Policy 

The aim of the Eagle Bay Library is to have a current, engaging, relevant and diverse collection.  When choosing books, a first consideration is given to procuring titles that have proved popular with our student body.  Much attention is given to providing texts which will complement each grade’s curriculum and core standards, along with striving to keep up-to-date informational materials as budget allows.  There is also an effort to provide information on a wide variety of topics, which might be relevant to the ages and maturity levels of our students.  Parents are encouraged to take an active interest in their child’s reading materials.  Our library serves a broad age range.  Parents and students should realize that not every book in the library will be appropriate for each child in the school.  If a title does not work for a particular student, they are encouraged to return it and find something that will fit better. 

Book Care 

Please ensure that library books are well cared for while they are in your home.  Keep them away from food, liquid, small children and pets.  Store them in clean, safe locations. 


Students are expected to exhibit appropriate library behavior during class and open library time and will be rewarded for their efforts. 

“There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book.”   Frank Sarafini 


Library Schedule


School Library Events

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Family Literacy Night - Monday, November 19 at 7:00 pm at Viewmont High School Auditorium. Keynote speakers: Shelly Brown and Chad Morris "Discovering The Treasures Within Ourselves"

Book Lists and Reviews

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Roald Dahl Books

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Library Standards

The Library Media DESK focuses and prioritizes the reading and information literacy skills that students need to know and be able to use to help them read and research effectively in all subjects and with a variety of technologies.

Elementary DESK Standards
K-5 Elementary Library Media Standards and Scope and Sequence 

Secondary DESK Standards
6-12 Secondary Library Media Standards  
Utah State Board of Education Library Media Standards

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